Pollenique Personal Care

Each Pollenique product is meticulously formulated to enhance skins vital functions while beautifying and promoting attractiveness. Skin acts in a dual function as a barrier and absorber, so we need to be ever conscious of what we put on our skin (and into our bodies). Pollenique was formed on this foundational understanding so each Pollenique skin care product is formulated with natural and organic ingredients and is free from parabens, urea, and formaldehyde and uses a preservative with global approval. Safety and effectiveness are totally essential to improve health and beauty inside and out.

At the core of every Pollenique product is Graminex® Flower Pollen Extract; a unique ingredient that is all-natural, non-allergenic and produced with the care and quality of a dietary supplement and pharmaceutical product. Backed by clinical studies for both safety and efficacy, its effectiveness can be traced to its complex combination of concentrated nutrients. Flower Pollen Extract contains a natural combination of amino acids, phytosterols, fatty acids, Isoflavones, vitamins and antioxidants that work synergistically for total skin health. Externally they protect and disinfect, while internally they strengthen and rejuvenate. Flower pollen extract rebuilds your skin as only the "building blocks of nature" can.

Pollenique is comprised of two lines of products, Juvenescent and Silk:

The Juvenescent range of premium skin care products are specifically formulated using natural active products (with a touch of organics) that were shown to be effective for your skin's specific needs. Whether bark extract for under eye darkness (Eye Renew) or botanical extracts from millet and oak for skin tightening (Anti-Aging Crème) or Vitamin B3, watercress extract and zinc for skin lightening (Skin Whitening), Pollenique looked to naturally active ingredients supported by clinical efficacy in vivo (that is tested on the skin) to support our formulations. Of course each Juvenescent product is enhanced by the natural nutrients found in pollen extract manufactured by Graminex.

The Silk range of skin care products uses the same philosophy of skin care safety and effectiveness, and is paraben free. Pollenique Silk products are formulated for application anytime using natural ingredients and Graminex Flower Pollen Extract™ formulated as Pangenine™ for fast absorbing and intensely moisturizing lotions. Available as hand and body lotions for use anytime or for extremely rough and cracked skin with our Extra Dry Skin with natural shea butter and COQ10.